Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Breakfast. The culinary highlight of the day.
(Photo by Paul Larkin)

Turkey Bowl with a coconut.
(Photo by Paul Larkin)

Team Mohundro.

Short-shorts equipped with Team Mohundro buttons.

A visitor in our bunkhouse.
Perhaps, he was training for "Open Air" certification.

Team Mohundro suited up and ready to go.
(Photo by Drew Murray)

Certified Open Water SCUBA Diver!
(Photo by Paul Larkin)

Team Mohundro with Diving Instructor Drew and Assistant Sebastian.

Found art in Maputo.

Found art in Inhamussua.
Notice the mustache on the condom.

During Thanksgiving weekend Chase, Paul, and I did our Open Water Dive certification at Barra Beach. Thanksgiving was hardly the festival it was last year. We had granola from Marie Katrib's in Grand Rapis, MI with bananas for breakfast, eggs and toast with mangoes for lunch, and beans and rice for dinner. The rest of the week was packed with aquatic life including painted anglerfish, crocodile fish, trigger fish, lion fish, porcupine fish, oriental sweetlips, juvenile sweetlips, Solander's toby fish, shrimp, blue spotted rays, undelated moral eel, marbled octopus, white-tip reef shark, and a manta ray. Apparently, Team Mohundro is the luckiest (talented and good-looking) groups ever because we saw a shark and a manta ray during our four day training. Hopefully, this sort of team work, or team luck, will carry over to our journey up to Tanzania next week.


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