Thursday, April 23, 2009

2M Logo by Silêncio Castigo Nhapossa

2M Advertisement by Silêncio Castigo Nhapossa

Logo by Paulo Isaias

Logo By Honicênia Pascoal Criyamo

Logo by Genôcio Silva Chau

Logo by Eugénio Rodriguez Macache

My first trimester of Educação Visual was pretty rough. They had four large project where they made sketchbooks with a collage cover, representation of a photo using a grid, designing a logo for yourself or your business, and landscape drawing from life. The most successful project by far was the logo project. They start technical drawing in primary school and a lot of those skills translate to visual communication and design. The most difficult thing about this product was communicating creativity. I had several students make wonderful copies of nationally famous cellphone credit, beer, margarine, and tea companies. Here are a few of my favorites (and an example of wonderfully drawn plagiarism).


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