Sunday, May 17, 2009

Drawing(s) of the Day
"Judite is a Runt.Whoa...o..Oh.Oh."
Graphite and Watercolor on Bleached Cardboard

Two girls in need of hot boyz.
Yesterday's Drawing: Digression.

Birthday Drawings
Me and mitigation. Abusing the pencil under the influence.

The first drawing is the second of a series of drawings I am working on in Massinga. I will upload the first tomorrow. Also, I celebrated my birthday this weekend in Massinga and Maxixe. It was good. Well, I guess I can say it was really good. I got to see Chase, some other good volunteers, and my assistant director, Sergio. Plus, my best bud from Massinga, Edgar, got to hang with us all and we had some inspiring conversations.


Blogger jessie said...

love that stuff on the cardboard. very cool.

7:06 AM  

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