Saturday, July 21, 2007

Neighborhoodies' Promo Booth at Siren Music Festival 2007

"Gonzo the Art" copyright Ralph Steadman

Today, Kyle and I worked for Neighborhoodies at their promo booth, printing custom t-shirts and promoting the business. Aside from this one day of work, I have been mostly wandering around New York, drawing, and reading although I did make it to the MOMA yesterday. I finished Ralph Steadman's book "Gonzo the Art" which is basically a collection of the illustrators drawings, paintings, poems, diary entries, songs, and other artistic gonzo endeavors, most of it in relation to the life and work of Hunter S. Thompson. Finally, my sketches from the past two days. Like the last sketch posted, I have been developing them more, trying to put several figures on a single page, and diversifying my figures which are typically male and middle-aged.


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