Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Studio Hartig Artist Booth at Art on the Rocks 2007 in Marquette, MI

I wanted to have a painting finished by Monday night but was way too tired. So, Tuesday night I completed one painting (sorry about the bad photo...again) and would have had another painting finished but we are down to the very last bit of wax (which you may be able to determine on your own due to the selective color palate and repeated use of muddy colors) . Anyways, I have no white, or clear, wax which I need to complete the piece below. To give you an idea of what the finished piece will potentially look like, I made an example. I really like how the wood looks and I am very tempted to clean it up and leave it showing. But, I want to break this one up a lot more and I think that the wood grain doesn't do that as much as the white/off-white will.




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