Saturday, November 24, 2007

Have you ever seen such a great model!

So stoic.

So heavy-hearted.

So pensive.

I saw some wild turkeys the week of Thanksgiving.

A really interesting insect.

Turkey Bowl 2007, Namaacha. North & Central vs. South. Photo by Rachel Harris.

Have you ever seen someone so happy! Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

I may have taken the term "Model School" too literally. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

I assisted with ChaseĀ“s lesson during model school. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Well, we just finished our first week of model school and it went extremely well. The first day I did not do very well but I feel like I really found my teaching style Wednesday and Thursday. I am really excited for week two of model school and am especially excited to leave for Massinga. Hopefully after I arrive, I will be able to upload some of the drawings I have been making over the past two months.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey patrick,
so what is model school? i assume it's some sort of training for teaching, but i really don't know. i am so enjoying your blog and your photos. mostly, it seems that you are positively thrilled to be doing what you're doing and so i am happy for you. your skin has taken on a deep bronze color as the african sun does it's thing. i am always glad to receive your latest blog update and look forward to seeing some of the drawings you've been doing. happy belated thanksgiving.
love and peace, deb rockman

9:44 AM  
Blogger Pamelamaule said...

Hello Patrick,
I'm going to share your blog with Shelby. When I'm missing you, I just go to this site and see your happy face and then I feel better. I can't wait to hear how you like your new location and house. Update us soon! Love, MOM XXOO

4:36 PM  

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