Saturday, November 03, 2007



My Mother and the other mothers at their monthly party.

My two favorite trees.

Me and my piano. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Me Playing Piano. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Ningoma Time. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Me eating delicious sushi. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Cameron was Space Lord from Outer Space.

My New Bed. It is Huge.
The Lobster's Senior Photo Shoot. Photo by Paul Bender.

Lobster Pat. Photo by Alex Kruzel.

Patster. Photo by Alex Kruzel.

Lauren was a bottle of Javel (Bleach).

Alex was a Glow Worm.

Me and Paul making an Esteira.

Galinha De Mato (Bush Chicken).
An Esteira (a straw/palm rug).

Me eating a huge cookie with hot, steamed milk in a cafe in Maputo. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Notice how clean the tip of my toe was because I had a Band-Aid on it.

Thumbs Up. Photo by Lauren Cook.

Cameron and Me. Photo by Lauren Cook.

I have been making my photos very sharp in order to make things a little more interesting for me. I would great appreciate feedback on this. For Halloween, we all dressed up and paraded through town. It was a lot of fun and a true test for how much embarassement we can all handle. We finished our five weeks of intensive language training and the Language Proficiency Test went very well on Friday. Monday, we all are going to visit different volunteers at their "Sites" throughout Mozambique. I am going to Machanga in Sofala Province after a day in Vilankulo.


Blogger Pamelamaule said...

Hello Patrick, there's a lesson for you. Don't forger your google account info. Anyway, so good to see you and all your pics! Are you sporting sideburns now? And why are your pants always rolled up? Questions only a mom would like to know the answers to. I hope you an keep up your blog at least monthly. Love you! MOM XXOO

3:40 PM  
Blogger Mary Elizabeth Lelis said...

I found your page on accident because i was researching before and after school detention for a class... but i was totally captivated by the photography... i love what you're doing with the lighting, etc. is is an old camera like a lomo, or is it digital?

8:26 PM  

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