Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drawing of the Day: Two dudes falling
Yesterday: King for "Jamela and the Mandioca Stalk" by Hans Goertz

Previous Drawings from 2009

A student, a woman, and a bruised face.

Showing off.

A volunteer and fat-so.

Two Lil' Wayne fans.

Girl Talk fan and girl posing.

Fun with hands.


Me controlling final exams! I caught over half the class
cheating on their History exam. Boo yeah!

Half of a tree to half of a body.

To being dunk in a trash can and an Sub-Urban Hunter.

The old director of my school and a kicker.

Falling and Failing.

Getting back to skinny.

Don't you know I dream?

President's Day. On my block.

Valentine's Day.

Chase's host-nephew and two dudes.

Hetero soul-mates.

On this day, I have noted that an old woman made eye
contact with me while I was squatting over my latrine.

A Mozambican girl and two guys.

A student and stepper.

A rapper, a teacher, and a girl.

Again, my oldest maid saw me squatting over my latrine.

April Fool's Day.


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