Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yesterday's Drawing(s)
Fooling around. What I'll be finishing today.

I am going to take this time before my Visual Education class to excuse my inability to upload my drawings yesterday. I really wanted to go this whole week without missing a day but, I fell victim to the challenges of the third world. Yesterday, I had an amazing day filled with teaching, drawing, tutoring an advanced student, tutoring a inferior student, saving a university student's 16 page report, having a wonderful Mozambican dish cooked for me (matapa), drawing, and about 10 minutes of internet. Since I was busy with work all day, I did not get into the computer lap until 9:30ish. When I finally did, I was able to talk with my brother and draw for about 10 minutes before the electricity went out. So, I tried to wait it out. By cellphone light I finished the drawing on the left then began the drawing on the right. Unfortunately, the electricity did not come back on last night. I waited until 11pm before deciding I would need to rest a bit before 5am. I did not even have electricity to heat up my water this morning. Instead, I went to class all nappy-haired and waited until the afternoon to take a bath.
This is not an unusual occurrence (the electricity part). Electricity goes out several times a week for anywhere from an hour to a day and a half. It actually happened the night before last. However, I was fortunate enough to have already scanned my drawings. That night I waited until about 11:30pm, went home, then used my cellphone to connect to the internet and upload the drawings. A bit costly and time consuming but, like I said, I really wanted to have a drawing uploaded everyday this week.
So, today I am playing it safe and uploading the drawings from yesterday while I still can. Hopefully, I will be able to finish and post the drawing on the right later tonight.


Blogger Pamelamaule said...

I'm impressed by your determination.
And I love your life drawings!
Please do more.
Love, Mom

9:12 PM  

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