Sunday, December 02, 2007

We recieved our new PC issued bike helmets this past Friday. Photo by Alex Kruzel.

So we decided they needed to be tested out. Clip by Alex Kruzel.
Tommy┬┤s Birthday was last week.

They danced for us at our going away party.

They also performed a short play.

The performers are also our Portuguese teachers.

A really interesting beetle.

Last Friday we had a "Shop-Rite" fashion show. Photo by Jesse Routte.

Tommy and I kicked down the door! Photo by Jesse Routte.

A new visitor.

Another visitor. Possibly a stick-bug from outer space.

This past week was certainly an amazing one. We had a good week of model school again. Friday, we had a big barbecue at the PC Volunteer House and sported our best threads from the local market. Saturday, our families and Peace Corps threw a huge going away party for us. There was some great food (particularly the samosas), hilarious activities, and fantastic music and dancing. This upcoming week will be filled with long seminars and ends with our swearing in ceremony on Friday and then our departure from Namaacha on Saturday.


Anonymous Mom said...

I always love to see your blog updates Patrick. I'm interested to know why you got helmets. Are you getting bicycles?? All the walking has really made you leg muscles bigger or you have lost all your body fat. Lots of love from home. We got at least 6 inches of snow last. It warmed up today and me, Em and dad had a snowball fight when we went to get the Christmas tree. Love, Mom XXOO

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Aunty Ru said...

Aunty Ru will write you a poem:

One day Patrick to us did say,
I'm joining the Peace Corps far, far away.

Everyone was shocked and bummed he was going.
Now he sees monkeys and not where it's snowing.

We've never seen him happier, with the new friends he's met.
This is the adventure of his lifetime he'll never forget.

He sends pictures of bugs that look really creepy.
He didn't really realize with him they'd be sleeping.

He walks for 45 minutes one way to class.
When he's offered a ride, he says "I'll pass".

We love the pictures that Pat loves to Blog.
It's great to see what he's up to, so we're not in the fog.

So off to bed I go my dolly nephewie pooh.
And this is your poem from Favorite Auntie, Ru

I love you so much!!!!

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Patrick, Before I go to bed, I had to look at your blog site. I am anxious to see your new drawings. Love you! MOM XXOO

10:54 PM  
Blogger The Photography Team said...

All I can say is "Wow". Maybe I can also say "Weird" but that's just 'cause I'm from west Michigan.

Nice to see the energy and fun on your blog.

I finally used that Maggie Moo coupon. Mmmmmmmmm yummy!

Take care Patty!

9:53 AM  

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