Friday, January 18, 2008

We all got mohawks for our swearing in ceremony.

Chase cut my hair.

It was raining.

But, we live for danger.

Chase sort of got a mohawk.

John, who is normally very concerned with his hair, made a bold, last minute decision.

Tariq, took on the guise of Uncle Jesse from Full House.

Hans and Jesse were stoked to be sporting the look.

Greg was so embarrassed he cut his shaved off his mohawk the night before swearing in.

Cameron was fearless when chopping off his long locks.

Jaime amazed Mozambique with his mohawk, and stunning mustache.

Jimmy found a Christmas Tree after swearing in.

The Mohawked Men at the swearing in ceremony.

Cameron, Me, and Jimmy.

Cameron, Country Director Dave Bellama, Me, and Tommy.

The Mohawked Men with our higher ups.

My host brother Bito and his friends.

For my last day of model school we played Jeopardy.

English Jeopardy.

Model School.

What seems to be an empty classroom.

Is actually a classroom filled with excitement!

It has been an incredibly long time since I have had a chance update everyone. Since last time, we were sworn in as official Peace Corps Volunteers, I moved to Massinga, vacationed on Tofo Beach near Inhambane City, and spent some time in Moamba, near the Maputo. Unfortunately, I only have pictures up until the swearing in ceremony. I have had some complications with my camera and some of my other belongings but hope that the issue will be solved shortly. Life is good, it is very hot but I refuse to complain since I know everyone in the Upper Peninsula is freezing cold. My beard has been trimmed twice since the swearing in ceremony, you may notice that it was getting quite long, but has not been cleanly shaved since I arrived to Mozambique. Massinga Secondary School does not officially open until 28 January 2008 so I have had little responsibility aside from fixing up and adding security to my house. I hope to be able to upload pictures of it soon, I am in the process of making my living room a gallery of sorts.