Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Twins and Edgar playing at Radio Kusinga.

Things got crazy on the last day of the trimester.
My students were catching birds with their bare hands.

Numbers had sufficiently diminished on the last day.

There is an owl in this picture.

On our way to Xai-Xai. Photo by Jamie Johnson.

Me and Ashley having the time of our lives.

Greg having his ridiculous haircut fixed after his clippers broke.

When it comes to hockey, Canadians don't hold back. Photo by Justino Cossa.

Entertaining and uncomfortably awkward. Photo by Justino Cossa.

Canadian dancing quickly becomes smashing balloons. Photo by Justino Cossa.

The Canadian Medical Students were nice enough to give a presentation.

It was the best group work I have seen in my classroom.

The "Ponte" in Morrumbene.

Leaving Morrumbene for Punta Linga Linga.

The Crew heading to Chase's Palace in Inhamussua.

This month was full of cold weather and beautiful beaches. A large group of volunteers got together in Xai-Xai for an Independence Day Celebration on the beach. The following week, the second trimester at Massinga Seconday School came to an end. A group of Canadian med students, accompanied by a Brit and a Canadian doctor, dropped in that week to teach some of my students about health and the English language. I guess someone has to do my job. After the students fled for holiday, I made a rush trip to Punta Linga Linga, a peninsula that drops down into the Inhambane Bay, and enjoyed calm water, good company, and delightful food and drink. I had the pleasure of grilling steak, which was the first time I have cooked meat of any kind since I left the States. To end the spontaneous journey, I headed to Inhamussua for a couple days of rest and relaxation with the Utahns.