Saturday, June 21, 2008

My banana-Nutella pancake birthday cake.

Justino showing the size of the mancake.

The fattest little toad I have ever seen was feasting on ants.

My JOMA group/Art Club.

Found art.

Justino showing off this amazing plant.

Morrungulo Beach!

Beautiful and isolated.

Yet, difficult to get to.

Fishermen at Morrungulo.

Catch of the day.

A beautiful boy of the sea.

Shark attacked!

Shark love. Photo by Justino Cossa.

Shark fun?

I was enamored. I had never been so close to a whole shark.

Fun on Bilene Beach.

Xai-Xai city.

I had a rat. Who ate my food and drank my milk.

Chalk another mark for Patrick, Chase!

Cameron's birthday party in Bilene. It was a splash.

JOMA coordinators getting to know one another.

May went went well and June is running! I had a great birthday where I received visitors for Inhamussua, Nova Mambone, and Mapinhane. Chase and I had a splendid dinner/dessert the Friday following my birthday. The Amy, Chase, Greg and I all had French toast with real organic Canadian maple syrup! Special thanks for the Canadian nurses who were here a few months ago. We followed up dinner with toll house cookies and the next day Chase and I made Christmas cookies. So the weekend was quite the treat. I had some fun beach days in Morrungulo and Bilene then went to Chimoio for a JOMA coordination conference where our predecessors from Moz 10/11 passed the torch to the PCVS of Moz 12. I nearly kissed a shark and killed my first rat. To say the least, I am keeping busy and fulfilling life to no end.