Saturday, November 24, 2007

Have you ever seen such a great model!

So stoic.

So heavy-hearted.

So pensive.

I saw some wild turkeys the week of Thanksgiving.

A really interesting insect.

Turkey Bowl 2007, Namaacha. North & Central vs. South. Photo by Rachel Harris.

Have you ever seen someone so happy! Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

I may have taken the term "Model School" too literally. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

I assisted with ChaseĀ“s lesson during model school. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Well, we just finished our first week of model school and it went extremely well. The first day I did not do very well but I feel like I really found my teaching style Wednesday and Thursday. I am really excited for week two of model school and am especially excited to leave for Massinga. Hopefully after I arrive, I will be able to upload some of the drawings I have been making over the past two months.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beached boats in Vilankulo.

Beached boats in Vilankulo.

Beached boats in Vilankulo.

Beached boats in Vilankulo.

Machanga Sunset.

We had a flat tire on the way to Inhassoro from Machanga.

A white turkey.

Cameron, Alex, and me in Namaacha.

Me on the beach in Vilankulo with Chase in the background.

The ugliest chicken ever.
Me, Chase, and Olivia in Machanga.

Machanga Sunset.

Machanga Sunset.

Machanga Sunset.

Sun-bathing in Inhassoro.

Protecting a dog in heat from the male dogs.

Me and Chase crossing over to Machanga.

A canoe in the river.

Life is really good. Next week, we have model school and will find out where we will be spending the next two years. I had an amazing trip. Chase and I were lucky to be able to visit three different volunteer sites (Vilankulo, Machanga, and Inhassoro).

Saturday, November 03, 2007



My Mother and the other mothers at their monthly party.

My two favorite trees.

Me and my piano. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Me Playing Piano. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Ningoma Time. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Me eating delicious sushi. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Cameron was Space Lord from Outer Space.

My New Bed. It is Huge.
The Lobster's Senior Photo Shoot. Photo by Paul Bender.

Lobster Pat. Photo by Alex Kruzel.

Patster. Photo by Alex Kruzel.

Lauren was a bottle of Javel (Bleach).

Alex was a Glow Worm.

Me and Paul making an Esteira.

Galinha De Mato (Bush Chicken).
An Esteira (a straw/palm rug).

Me eating a huge cookie with hot, steamed milk in a cafe in Maputo. Photo by Cameron Cuchulainn.

Notice how clean the tip of my toe was because I had a Band-Aid on it.

Thumbs Up. Photo by Lauren Cook.

Cameron and Me. Photo by Lauren Cook.

I have been making my photos very sharp in order to make things a little more interesting for me. I would great appreciate feedback on this. For Halloween, we all dressed up and paraded through town. It was a lot of fun and a true test for how much embarassement we can all handle. We finished our five weeks of intensive language training and the Language Proficiency Test went very well on Friday. Monday, we all are going to visit different volunteers at their "Sites" throughout Mozambique. I am going to Machanga in Sofala Province after a day in Vilankulo.