Thursday, April 30, 2009

Drawing of the Day
Straw chewing interest.

I completed my goal of posting everyday this week with the exception of two nights ago. Tomorrow morning, I will will be heading to Vilankulos for a couple days of rest and relaxation at the beach so I will not have any drawings uploaded until Monday. The occasions: Dia de Trabalhadores (Workers' and the 2009 Beer Olympics (in conjunction with Jared Shambaugh's Birthday). It should be a polar opposite Peace Corps event compared to the JOMA Conference two weeks ago. I am preparing myself to be incredibly disappointed in Peace Corps Volunteers but at the same time I am incredibly excited to see all my old friends from central and northern Mozambique.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Drawing of the Day

Celebration. >Ttlok<

So, I did not finish the drawing from yesterday after all. I forgot I had my semi-annual report to turn in this Friday and I wanted to do that before Chase and Ali get here tomorrow. So, this is all I could produce. I really would like to stay up a bit longer and draw but 5:00am is just around the corner.
Yesterday's Drawing(s)
Fooling around. What I'll be finishing today.

I am going to take this time before my Visual Education class to excuse my inability to upload my drawings yesterday. I really wanted to go this whole week without missing a day but, I fell victim to the challenges of the third world. Yesterday, I had an amazing day filled with teaching, drawing, tutoring an advanced student, tutoring a inferior student, saving a university student's 16 page report, having a wonderful Mozambican dish cooked for me (matapa), drawing, and about 10 minutes of internet. Since I was busy with work all day, I did not get into the computer lap until 9:30ish. When I finally did, I was able to talk with my brother and draw for about 10 minutes before the electricity went out. So, I tried to wait it out. By cellphone light I finished the drawing on the left then began the drawing on the right. Unfortunately, the electricity did not come back on last night. I waited until 11pm before deciding I would need to rest a bit before 5am. I did not even have electricity to heat up my water this morning. Instead, I went to class all nappy-haired and waited until the afternoon to take a bath.
This is not an unusual occurrence (the electricity part). Electricity goes out several times a week for anywhere from an hour to a day and a half. It actually happened the night before last. However, I was fortunate enough to have already scanned my drawings. That night I waited until about 11:30pm, went home, then used my cellphone to connect to the internet and upload the drawings. A bit costly and time consuming but, like I said, I really wanted to have a drawing uploaded everyday this week.
So, today I am playing it safe and uploading the drawings from yesterday while I still can. Hopefully, I will be able to finish and post the drawing on the right later tonight.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Drawing of the Day
Once again, my brother. This time holding his power table-sander.
Yesterday: Two men falling (in love?).

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Drawing(s) of the Day
Jamela of "Jamela and the Mandioca Stalk" by Hans Goertz
and a charming man.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Drawing(s) of the Day

One man supporting another and a boy selling toilet paper in Maputo.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drawing of the Day: Two dudes falling
Yesterday: King for "Jamela and the Mandioca Stalk" by Hans Goertz

Previous Drawings from 2009

A student, a woman, and a bruised face.

Showing off.

A volunteer and fat-so.

Two Lil' Wayne fans.

Girl Talk fan and girl posing.

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Me controlling final exams! I caught over half the class
cheating on their History exam. Boo yeah!

Half of a tree to half of a body.

To being dunk in a trash can and an Sub-Urban Hunter.

The old director of my school and a kicker.

Falling and Failing.

Getting back to skinny.

Don't you know I dream?

President's Day. On my block.

Valentine's Day.

Chase's host-nephew and two dudes.

Hetero soul-mates.

On this day, I have noted that an old woman made eye
contact with me while I was squatting over my latrine.

A Mozambican girl and two guys.

A student and stepper.

A rapper, a teacher, and a girl.

Again, my oldest maid saw me squatting over my latrine.

April Fool's Day.
Drawings from 2008