Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is Me Playing My Keyboard



My Portuguese Group and Our Host Mothers

My Host Mother

A Spider that Welcomed Me to My Room

My Neighbor´s Monkey

My Pet Lizard (or better a lizard that frequents my room)

A Duck Behind My House

An Awesome Millipede

Three Ducks

My Family´s House

My Bathroom (in the distance)

My Room

My Bed, Desk, and Water Filter

My Bed and Keyboard

My Clothes, Regulator, Chair, Window, and Battery Charger

My Window, Luggage, and Bed
Life in Namaacha is very good. As you can see it is beautiful and I am living a very interesting life. Monday through Friday we have Portuguese class and lectures on Peace Corps related material (e.g. teaching, health, technology in Mozambique). Today, we cooked American food for our host mothers. We made onion rings and grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. We wanted to make cheese burgers but were not able to purchase ground beef in Namaacha. Last week, we made a local dish with our mother's that was much better.