Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If you think the book is in rough shape,
you should see what it did to my brain.

I finally finished James Joyce's "Ulysses." Aside from reading a short Jungian essay that made little sense to me about a year and a half ago, I didn't know much about the book or author. I made a point not to read the forward, or article on the decision made by John M. Woosley to lift the US ban on the book, until after I had read it in it's entirety. So, now that I have formed my own opinions about what the books means, how I felt about the book, et cetera, I feel myself free to enjoy and consult the millions of other theories and criticisms engendered in the past 75 years. Thus far, I am finding my reading experience was a bit par for the course: fantastically entertaining and fluid at times, while painful and impossible to get from word to word at others.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Recent Work by:
O Clube das Belas Artes de Massinga
(The Fine Art Club of Massinga)
"Virgin Mary" by Nafital Alexandre Matavel

"After Jean Dubuffet" by Felgos José

"After Milton Dacosta" by Luciano Júlio Mangue
Today's Drawing
Study for "Picking Is Not Choosing."

Recent Drawings
Study of "Student." Study of "The Teacher Dance."

Two more men.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Today's Drawing
Study for "Bunny Hugs."

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Yesterday's Drawing(s):Three musicians and a woman.

Pascual and a man.

A farmer and Cameron (on his birthday).

Student in progress and scuba-diving.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Two wild and crazy guys...Déjà vu?
Photo by Claire Nerenhausen

"No touching!"

Teaching my JOMA kids to draw with the grid.
Photo by Valdo Isaias

And, I did a bit of refreshing myself.
Photo by Valdo Isaias

Claudio modeling the suspenders my mother bought him.

A crazy-beautiful spider.

That had to have been poisonous. I emphasize the past tense.

My JOMA kids on a field trip, drawing landscapes.

Dinner and dessert at Edgar's. Matapa and watermelon.

I noticed two girls playing house.

With real fire, a beer bottle, and something strange a-brewing.

We celebrated the return of my director
after a pedagogical scandal earlier this year.

Later, I enjoyed a drink from a magical cup.

I decided I should feed the previous volunteer's dog
that has been frequenting my house.
That is a big step for me and pet-nurturing.

To celebrate the May PCV birthdays,
we spent a weekend on Barra Beach.

There, I washed my hair for the first time in over a year!

I became Colonel Hindesworth Greensborough Bettertrothe Carlin.

On the way back we got dropped off in the bush.

Then, we got to ride the new ferryboats.

Spider Video!

My birthmonth played host to a series of wonderful events, including the return from "Beer Olympics," my appointment to computer lab technician at Massinga Secondary School, my birthday, and an end-of-the-month celebration at Macola Bay on Barra Beach. It felt very satisfying and accomplished.

In other events, I have also assumed responsibility of community doctor. It was only yesterday that I gave an English lesson explaining medicines and what they can treat when, later that evening, I had a frequently-tutored student stop by and show me his penis.
The dialogue went a bit like this:
Hello Mr. M. Hello Isaias, how are you? I am well teacher and you? I am well thank you Isaias.
(The rest is in Portuguese)
Teacher, you have to forgive me but I have had this sickness for a long time. It is here. He lifted his shirt more and more. I thought to myself, how low is this sickness? Then, out plopped his penis.
See, I have all this bumps on my "bolinho" (literally:little cake). I have them until they are sores. He puts his little cake away. I have gone to the hospital 2 or 3 times but they keep coming back. You must forgive teacher but I am asking for help. they hurt? No, it only itches. It itches so much I always have to excuse myself during class to go to the bathroom and itch it. Okay, well, first let's wash your hands. It is always important to wash your hands after you touch it, okay? Okay teacher.
I went to get my "Where There is No Doctor" book that smells like like vinegar...perhaps because I haven't opened in over 6 months.
Okay, you have bumps like this. Are you sure it doesn't hurt? No, it only itches teacher. Okay, do you have any bumps or rashes on your body? Sometimes on my hands. Have you ever peed blood? Ahh, teacher I don't know. Maybe sometimes the pee is dark but I am not sure if it is blood. Okay, I think that when your pee is dark it is blood. Okay teacher.
I think you have this disease but I don't know the name of it in Portuguese. Let me call my friend. Chase, how do you say syphilis in Portuguese? I have no clue, but I have my computer right here. Okay, it is the exact same. Sífilis. How do you spell that? S-í-f-i-l-i-s. Okay thanks, I am with a student right now and I think he has it, I'll talk to you later.
Okay, Isaias. Are you accustomed to having sex? Ahh, no teacher. Are you sure? Have you ever had sex. No teacher.
Do you remember the name of the medicine the doctor gave you? Injections of Penicillin and Tylenol. Good. That is good that they treated you with this. How often? One injection of Penicillin every day for five days. Hmm...that is interesting. The book says to take 2.4 units of Penicillin all at once. One injection in each butt cheek. Here, I will write all of this information down for you.
Thank you teacher. I wanted to go to the hospital today but it was not possible and, tomorrow, I have physical education. I will go Friday. Very good Isaias. It is very important that you resolve this as soon as possible because even if the bumps go away, the disease can still spread. Okay teacher, no problem. I will see you tomorrow. Okay, sleep well Isaias. Sweet dreams teacher.

So, that was a bit of a "Peace Corps Kodak Moment" for me. It looks like I will have another month full of excitement and adventures.