Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is me in my front yard.

Ready for action.

Before class.

My kitchen and front door.

My pantry.

Part of the permanent collection at Massinga's pioneering gallery of fine art.

My dinning room and part of the permanent collection.

The temporary collection and the iron grate leading to my bedroom.

Team Manchester United in a game of Charades.

Team Dragon Full.

Me with two upper-level students

More posing.

My beard before I cut it two weeks ago.

Alone in my house.

I met a group of Canadian students from the University of Saskatchewan.

The school's administrative office.

The teacher's lounge.

The concession stand.

The pedagogical director's office.

Our classrooms.



January, February, March, and half of April have provided wonderfully full experiences for me. I began and completed my first trimester at Massinga Secondary School. I also have been continuing a library project started by a previous Peace Corps Volunteer in Massinga which has also helped me begin and host Massinga's Art Club. After the trimester ended, I took two of my prized Art Club students and counterpart to Chimoio for a one week conference focused on youth males interested in cultural movement and action. There, we participated in classes geared towards our community projects (Art, Journalism, Photography, or Theatre) as well as lectures on progress, gender awareness, and leadership. At the end of the week the community art group painted a beautiful mural in the city, the young photographers and journalists exhibited their work from the week, and the blossoming actors put on a play. I came home in the mix of administration work at my school where I contributed to three days of meetings then headed to the Tofo Beach just outside of Inhambane with Chase and Cameron. After an exhausting two weeks of conferences, meetings, and sunshine, I will be diving into the second trimester...tomorrow!