Sunday, September 07, 2008

Colleagues and their Portuguese visitors. (Photo by Justino Cossa)

Inhambane Province through a bus window.


Ali, blowing in the wind.

Me, blowing in the wind. (Photo by Ali P. Gross)

Maputo nights.

Primary school students. (Photo by Justino Cossa)

Posing with upper-level professors. (Photo by Justino Cossa)

War veterans. (Photo by Justino Cossa)

President Guebuza. (Photo by Justino Cossa)

Lake Quissico.

Half of a black mamba. This evens the score with Chase.

A homeless-looking self. (Photo by Ali P. Gross)

Cameron with a supreme bowl of granola. (Photo by Ali P. Gross)

Freegionals. The PCV organized regional conference. (Photo by Ali P. Gross)

Boys excited to be on the beach. (Photo by Ali P. Gross)

The Barra Crew. (Photo by Ali P. Gross)

King of the beach, getting a ride to the boat. (Photo by Ali P. Gross)

School raps. Belmiro presenting his English homework.

I had a another busy month and a half in Inhambane Province. After my intense visit to the capital during my holiday, I returned to begin the third trimester at Massinga Secondary School. Finally, I feel like I am teaching appropriate material for my the skill level here and I have had some very fun, creative lessons. I visited a couple of the province's beautiful beaches of Závora and Barra and made a hike through the bush to Lake Quissico. Less than two weeks ago, the President of Mozambique Armando Emilio Guebuza passed through Massinga to inaugurate the new electricity plant which provides us, more or less, with 24 hour energy seven days a week. I was privileged enough to wave to him as he hung out of the roof of an SUV. Finally, the PCVs from the Southern and Central Regions of Mozambique have arranged a conference to exchange ideas, advice, and discuss their future roles and projects for our remaining 17 months. Sunshine, ping-pong, and the Indian ocean; what more can you ask for than a conference on the beach?