Sunday, December 02, 2007

We recieved our new PC issued bike helmets this past Friday. Photo by Alex Kruzel.

So we decided they needed to be tested out. Clip by Alex Kruzel.
Tommy┬┤s Birthday was last week.

They danced for us at our going away party.

They also performed a short play.

The performers are also our Portuguese teachers.

A really interesting beetle.

Last Friday we had a "Shop-Rite" fashion show. Photo by Jesse Routte.

Tommy and I kicked down the door! Photo by Jesse Routte.

A new visitor.

Another visitor. Possibly a stick-bug from outer space.

This past week was certainly an amazing one. We had a good week of model school again. Friday, we had a big barbecue at the PC Volunteer House and sported our best threads from the local market. Saturday, our families and Peace Corps threw a huge going away party for us. There was some great food (particularly the samosas), hilarious activities, and fantastic music and dancing. This upcoming week will be filled with long seminars and ends with our swearing in ceremony on Friday and then our departure from Namaacha on Saturday.